Hare Maps

Do you keep getting lost on trail?
Do you need help finding where to hare the perfect trail?
Do you want to find the most shiggy and the largest hills you can take the pack on?

Well, the below maps aren't perfect, but they're a start to help you be the best Hare ever.

Also don't forget, a hare's (and a stalker's) best friend is also Google Earth ...nothing replaces a good recon run in person, but this helps in the planning stages and even helps you measure how long of a trail you are taking the pack on...

(note that all images open in new windows)


Trail Map of Coloane
Trail Map of Taipa

General Map of Cotai, Taipa, and Coloane
Same Map, but much larger and zoomable (pdf)
General Map of The Island of Macau
Same Map, but much larger and zoomable (pdf)
Detail Map of The Island of Macau, showing *Every* street, but in Chinese