Run No: 419 - 16 Jun 07 - Heng Quin Island

The TMH3 goes to Heng Quin Island

The Captain was Hare for the day well assisted by 3 virgins - Stef, Leo and a push bike.

This hash marked the 9th Anniversary of Taipa Macau HHH.

A good sized group of Hashers eagerly gathered at the Macau Lotus Bridge crossing and set off at 3.40pm towards immigration, all went well till we met Chinese Immigration when the solitary immigration officer decided to spread the afternoon influx of visitors over her shift.

Outside at the other side The Captain was waiting with buses to transport us to the run site which was more or less opposite Coloane village. All was well he explained, as he had re-purchased flour (his original flour ruck sack went walk about while he was having a coffee) and the prelaid trail, an A to B which was ready.

Distance Hashers exited the bus, while walkers remained seated and were transported off into the distance.
The chase was on. Some clever checks ensured the pack was kept close to the FRB's until the walkers were eventually caught up with. The trail eventually circumnavigated an oyster farm and finished at the onon site restaurant.

Great to be out in open countryside, never having lost sight of Coloane Island for more than minutes we all remained mentally secure.

A very enjoyable hash - thank you Captain.

The circle suitably punished the hares. The virgin hares thought it was Christmas when they were told that Hares drink free, Fred a virgin was welcomed to the hash, Cunning Linguist was suitably punished as it was his last Macau hash. Lost in Space has at last a new plane so flies away for a while. After many a DD it was decided we would abandon trying to make the Lotus Bridge crossing by the 8pm curfew and stay to enjoy the local food.

It was there that Val after having avoided being named for many a month (GM's do accept bribes) was the focus of attention. After much deliberation she was christened and will henceforth be known as "Wan Cum".

The hash then adjourned to the Captain's holiday home, having drunk his bar dry we headed back to the Zuhai border crossing. Again things went well till the immigration officer decided that those hashers on a Group visa should go back to the Lotus Bridge crossing and wait till the morning. It took over an hour of discussion before he eventually relented by which time other hashers on visas had long since headed towards the Irish Bar. China is China !!!

And so it was.

On On

The Australian Poetry Competition had come down to two finalists; a university graduate and an old aboriginal.

They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study it and come up with a poem that contained the word.

The word they were given was 'TIMBUKTU'.

First to recite his poem was the university graduate. He stepped to the microphone and said:

Slowly across the desert sand
Trekked a lonely caravan
Men on camels two by two.
Destination - Timbuktu.

The crowd went crazy! No way could the old aboriginal top that, they thought.

The old aboriginal calmly made his way to the microphone and recited;

Me and Tim a huntin' went
Met three whores in a pop up tent
They were three, and we was two
So I bucked one, and Timbuktu.

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