Run No: 421 - 30 Jun 07 - Taipa Village Church

The pack arrived at the box with boding skies threatening above but a pleasant breeze blowing that kept the smell of the sweaty hares at bay thankfully. Cumshot, the virgin hare, arrived back from prelaying trail covered in what either appeared to be a homage to his recently gained name or flour from laying his first trail.
The other half of the hares roamed in after the walkers were sent on on and it was revealed that our virgin hare was an overacheiver already having planned completely separate R*nners/Walkers trails with the magic of Google Earth.

The pack headed out around the edge of the village on pavement with Grandad FRBing it past the rest of the pack and out of sight until a good 10 minutes later...the pack did a short jaunt through some short shiggy, around the hill on the trail above the airport and then all the way up past the weather station and over to the other side.

Cunter Ass Thompson's marking of a check with flour one way and using a twig pointing the other way screwed up some of the pack, but during the ensuing traverse on the other side of the hillside trail that jumped to the lower/older trail, the pack congealed once again like day old satay grease. The pack continued down through the graveyard, through the junkyard and kept the numerous roaming hounds at bay (and baying) and finally popped out on the street, to the R/W split that sent the Walkers up and around on home while the R*nners were sent across a blind suicide corner and wrapped through the town before heading back South through the Village and back to the church.

The rain held off, the weather was perfect hashing weather, and the beer was cold as there was much rejoicing at the circle. Cumshot, the virgin hare (not to be confused with Casper the friendly ghost)'s trail was judged by the pack to be a great first lay (as first lays tend to be), and he drank accordingly.

The Hares also drank for having to buy bottled water to mark (or demark) their trail. Several down downs later, brainstorming was kicked off for the naming of the Mortal formerly known as 'Winnie'.

Winnie cunningly swayed the pack into not naming/voting her for at least another week by bribing all in attendance with her divine homemade dried mango. After a very brief inquisition, all drunken halfminds in attendance were encouraged to brainstorm on an appropriately filthy and undeserved name for the harriette for next

With GM (and his trusty plank) gathering tales from the trail abroad, and the teaching crowd already migrated away for the summer, circle was condensed but intense, social drinking was prolonged and glorious, and the pack's lust for golden nectar was sated...until next week.

On- the Assend Cumshot trail will have to wait - On

-Cunter Ass Thompson