Run No: 433 - 15 Sep 07 - Hashing @ The Macau Resevoir with the KH3

"Does 431 + 1 = 433?  It sure does when you're drinking!"

On early Saturday afternoon, the pack found itself heading north to the northern island of Macau a full 90 minutes ahead of the normal go time.  This quite confused the pack thinking that perhaps Macau had spurred the local customs and was adopting a timezone change more strange and more impromptu than Chavez' new Venezuela Time Zone.  But it was no trick nor a rebellious was only the first round of a rare double header weekend for the TMH3.  For the second time in as many weeks, we had an invasion of Macau from one of the well aged hashes from Hong Kong, the Kowloon Hash!

The Kowloon Hash was in town for their run 19437,502.5a and was kind of enough to invite us along.  And being the caring hash they were, they also decided to invite one lone raincloud that was certainly in an FRB mood by wiping out most of the trail mere hours before the pack was to set off.

So come 2:59 when the pack assembled up at the Macau Marina, the pack was given a quick chalk talk, a multitude of hare excuses & woes of the inclimate weather's effect on the trail, and then was unleashed upon the island.

The pack took off North along the Reservoir until they hit a checkback...without any check, aha these hares were devilish indeed!  After employing their highly trained skills of investigation and then relenting to general mucking about, the pack found the trail veering off to the NW and towards the middle of the island.  The trail was then laid with a gaggle of KH3 "trail" marks that employed more chalk than a rebellious student would use up in an entire year of afterschool detention. ("I will not lay trail through the girl's locker room, I will not lay trail through the girl's locker room..."). 

A couple of checks later, trail arrived at the North face of Guia Hill where we dodged the slumbering security sentry and zigzagged up the hill underneath the immensely long 100 meter cablecar run.  At Trail continued up and around the hill, circumnavigating most of the hill by various trails until we ascended the steps up the Guia fortress, across it's front precipice, and down through the city on the other side, continuing W-SW, across various plazas and zipping through the narrow streets like the Macau version of the Italian Job.

Having navigated the urban heart of Macau, the pack again headed up another of Macau's ample mounds, this time to the other fort on the West Side of the island and whilst tempted to stop and mount (or at least play with) the century old cannons, the pack relented and instead continued on the touristy ramble through Macau by weaving through the crowds in front of St Paul's Cathedral and continuing down more of the older and more aged streets on Macau that resembled a different caste of Macau as we turned almost due South (so as to avoid running to the ocean of course! :) ), and after several more checks and quite narrow streets, hit one last check that shot us all the way down the coast to the A-ma temple and the Maritime Museum.

Sheik MiMi from the TMH3 led the way on in as FRB with Torchy from the KH3 nipping at his heels as the KH3's hash flash officially made it a photo finish for those racists.  The rest of the runners came in shortly after with those on the walkers trail showing up shortly later and the KH3 hash flash, again recording all for posterity's sake.  It turns out the KH3 apparently are on 'roids as they all ran like they had been blood doping up in Nepal for the last two months.  But everyone came into circle sweaty with smiles on their faces and not knowing the name of the hasher next to them (which is usual Saturday Afternoon in Macau! :) ).

Now it should be noted, the apologetically, this write up has very few tales from the trail as alas poor reader, this hasher was coming from behind all day long... Having escaped the cruel clutches of the work late, I arrived in time to see box being packed up and the cohare telling me where B was (luckily I had no clue that Macau even had a Maritime Mueseum, but a downdownable offense none the less), having running into Whores Drawers at the first none existent check, I spent the rest of trail finding the walkers, and then the remainder of the pack as those fast halfminds tore through trail faster than a late Turbojet Ferry trying to make last call in Lon Kwai Fong.

But I digress, After chasing down the KH3's B Van/Bus Driver in the local pub to get the pack's B Bags, circle commenced and like the multiheaded Knights was say Ni!,  the two GMs co-led circle with equal downdowns going to both sides.  There was tragedy in circle though as the sacred plank was manhandled and used in anger by the pack against the KH3 GM....not to worry, it was soon refilled and back in action.  stories of Granddad's exploits and adventures as ex-GM for the KH3 was a topic of much enjoyment and Pigs Might Fly, Miami, Mrs Whores Drawers, Barnacle Bill, Torchy (who btw was found to be Sheik Mimi's doppleganger, from glasses, to leggings, to fancy knee wraps, an incurable thirst for Tsing Tao, and a general FRB was downright uncanny the resemblance), and the rest of the KH3 were all given downdowns.  For the TMH3, I spotted Nancy Boy, Pubic Plucker (and virgin friend!), Nasi, Just Danny, Grandad, St Peter, Colonic Irritation, Sheik Mimi, and I believe Mini-me all on trail representing the TMH3.

Circle ended and social drinking commenced as the two packs diverged and set off to clean up an headed to Pousada De Coloane for a delicious Dinner and drinks.  For what the pack did after dinner, you're going to have to check the police blotter for any tales of debauchery as this hasher was off to pack his bag and wait at the dock for sunrise to come for run #432.  But that is an entirely different story.

Here's to KH3 for inviting us to join them on their fantabulous trail that surprised me how much great trail they found in them thar hills and streets!

On -  Here's to the KH3! Good-on ya for visiting, cum anytime! - On
- Cunter Ass Thompson