Run No: 415 - 19 May 07 - @ The Canindrome

Running from Rugby at the Dogtrack in the Rain
We met at the Dog track with a huge thunder storm raging.
Given the weather outlook the turn out was not too bad.
The rain eased at 4.15pm and the 'stand-in" hares St Peter and Nasi Turd set off with a pack of 14 preparing to chase.
The trail wound it's way towards the border passing Colonic Irritation's work day hideout place then entered virgin hash territory (according to St Peter) passing the latest new border crossing (vehicles only at this stage) and wandered over reclaimed land.
Bolton Bollocks and Cheesy Helmet took the walkers short cut and were first home.
Sergio was the FRB as Cunter Ass Thompson lost his way home (whilst in sight of the dog track stadium).
Nancy Boy and Fishy Fingers were last in due to a noodle stop on route
A dry spot under the Stadium was found for the circle, Bolton Bollocks was the Circle Jerker many a DD was given before Stadium guards requested our early departure (prior to 7pm as the dogs were to be let out).
And so it was.
On On