Run No: 412 - 28 Apr 07 - Cheok Van Beach

A good turn out last Saturday with pack of 20 setting out from Choec Van Beach in chase of hares St Peter and Nasiturd.

After climbing the tortutous steps from the swimming pool the pack headed straight on up through the bush till it came to a circlular hillside trail. Left it went around the hill to a "R" / "W" split, The fit "B's" went down to the back of the zoo and up again to the A-Ma Statue where trails rejoined for a gentle jog back down to "Bamboo Beach".
Grandad showed his military training via a rolling dive unfortunately it ended in rocks with the rocks being declared the winner. Back at the car park he showed true grit as Sexsuspenders turned into little Miss Nightingale and tended his wounds. Not to be outdone Colonic Irritation produced a cut hand for more 'loving care" treatment.
Front Running Bitch was Fishy Fingers coming in well ahead of the main pack.
Front Seat got lost some 100 metres out and phoned in for survival directions from St Peter.
The Circle
St Peter opened the circle and virgin hash runner Larry was introduced (Bush Pussy's better half). After various DD's he declared his reign as GM was over and it was time for a new GM to be baptized.
Nasiturd was pronounced as the new GM (a democratic vote had been held behind closed doors in Irish Pub one dark winter night in true hash tradition). Fortunately for Nasiturd it was a warm afternoon so he was not frozen to death by the deluge of cold beer.
St Peter was then awarded a suitable drinking vessel for his fine service to the hash over the last year.
Past GM's Bolton Bollocks and Roger and Out were invited to join him for another beer, Absent were other past GM's Glenffidach (who had made a brief appearance to take a photo) and The Captain who was no doubt caught in the holiday traffic.
Talking of photos, "Hash Flash" - Mini Me has decided to share some of his finer photographical shots, check them out on (yes correctly spelt) type in Taipa Macau Hash then click on "by taipamacuhash".
After many a more DD the circle was closed and social drinking declared,
an onon bash at the close by Pousada hotel was held, great food, then folk adjourned to dress for Rent Boys farewell party.
and so it was
on on till the "Cinco de Mayo"


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