445 - Saturday 8th December 2007

Scribe: Nasiturd           Hares: Hooker No Sing and Nobgoblin

We Taipanians often gaze across at our brother mainland Macanese, separated by that stretch of black water and wonder, wonder what I ask myself. Hash stats clearly show that a) if we go hashing over there 50% of our regulars produce doctors' certificates showing they were unfit to travel and b) that the converse is true in that we seldom attract anybody from that far off land to venture over to Taipa to hash.


Arriving at the designated time 3.45 +/- at the Hash box outside The Macau Tower I saw St Peter and Bare Down There chatting to our 2 smiling hares, where was the pack I whispered to Scooter Babe. Grandad was in the car park checking the ice when Nancy Boy and Mini Me arrived from far away Coloane and Sheik Me Me appeared with his knee taped up ready to go. So at 4pm we waited a while. Where was our current sole Macau mainland resident Cunter Ass Thompson ? Rumour has it he was over in Coloane chasing rancid flour in circles in the hope of finding a cold beer.

The hares pointed us towards the glittering new Grand Lisboa Tower and the pack set off. A long stretch past the lake saw the pack spread out but a cunning loop and check point enabled a re group of the runners before we sped up the hill past Don Perdo V Theatre.


Clearly the thought of wandering the alleys of Macau prompted Scooter Babe to abandon walkers Bare Down There and Mini Me to seek security within the runners pack as she sprinted along with the FRB’s scaring tourist with screams of on on.

Through St Augustine’s Square we sped down through alleys of Rua da Felicidade (Macau’s seedy past still evident on street corners) till the docks appeared.

Another clever check saw the trail loop back to within metres of the out trail then past Mandarins House into Lilau Square. From there it was uphill to Our Lady of Penha within Scooter Babe and Grandad leading the pack, faces smiling as we sighted Taipa Island ahead. From there it was all go with Sheik Me Me, Nancy Boy and St Peter racing to the safe area by Macau Tower.

As we downed golden liquid Bare Down There and Mini Me arrived back unscathed, the former commented that the last time she wandered that part of Macau there were no cars, just cattle carts.


The circle was formed and the Hares Hooker No Sing and Knob Goblin were punished for many a reason. Many DD’s followed. Darkness was well set in before social drinking was called we headed home to the safety of Taipa.

The on on on continued at the Irish Bar late. As Scooter Babe dragged me to the door I looked back at Shiek Me Me and St. Peter their eyes full of fire again as they muttered about heading back over the bridge.

And so it was,

On on.