447: A Christmas Carol

Hare & Scribe: St. Peter

It was a bit of a low turnout with only the roger n' out clan and Albert & Cora (to be named either on 449 or 450) turning up beside the hare. A few sick/ wounded/ pregnant/ lazy or otherwise indisposed hashers did wander by at the start of the hash but where not seen again.

Anyway, onto the trail the hashers went, with Roger n' Out being the only runner amongst them. That prompted a quick rethink on hash tactics by the hare (yours truly) with several sections being loped off the intended trail, and a few site seeing stops being put in at Mini Me's request.

The hashers duly followed the trail with little drama, but between Maid in Macau and Cora constant talking, and Mini Me's photographs there was little peace for the local wildlife.

On back for the circle and down down's where given for the above offences and the hare suitably punished for his lack of effort. As is often the case in smaller circles the number of down down's per head was quite high but as half the circle was on the softies it was a rather mellow Christmas hash.

Thats about it for this week, Seasons greetings and all that stuff, don't forget to have a hashy new year.

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