Hash 460 : 15.3.08 : Fair-weather hashers all washed out : Taipa Grande viewing platform

Hare: Scooter Babe          Scribe: Nasiturd

It was an overcast morning as Hare Scooter Babe groomed her hair and applied make up, the flour bottles were full and packed in a rucksack, do you need a hand laying I enquired, no thanks I have a plan just drop me off at Point A (the viewing platform on Taipa Grande).

As I drove home it started splashing wet drops from the heavens, as I settled down to watch F1 qualifications it grew darker and the skies opened up, it will be wet out there I thought to myself. A couple of hours later as I watched F1 cars coming into the pits for fuel and wet weather tyres the door bell sounded. Scooter Babe had come home, the pretty hare now looking more like a drowned rat. I need a shower, refill the flour bottles and look fast while I change.

And so at 3.30 we arrived at Point A to find St Peter limbering up. Shortly Grandad and Shit House arrived in the beer truck. ‘All is well’, I thought as the rain started again in earnest.

Scooter Babe grabbed the flour shouted I 'm going to remark and disappeared off down the steps. As 4pm approached it became clear our fair weather hashers would stay at home, true some folk were at Inter hash, some away on Easter holidays but where were our recently elected and soon to be sworn in new Grand Master and Mattress?

So at precisely 4.05 the intrepid 4 hashers set off in pursuit.

First check at the bottom of the steps saw Grandad leading on into old Taipa Village, a sign of things to cum? The trail continued zig-zagging through Taipa, the pack stuck together as the flour was being washed away before our eyes. Eventually emerging from the swamp it was on up through the grave yard to reach the China Hotel high road. There we found a check point and true trail heading up at the old disused steps into the higher grave yard where after a check we picked up the old abandoned Taipa Grande Hill trail.

On On we shouted in unison as we reached the higher new trail where there was a runner / walker split. All took the runners. Nasiturd found trail from the next check and was well up the steps to the summit before the pack followed. Descending again another check point, straight on down to Point A thought Nasiturd and FRB glory for me, alas a false trail. Having checked back to the circle with St Peter we found Grandad and Shit House running into the check from the new cut trail shouting on on. Afraid not we told them, you SCB's have picked up the out trail in your haste. And so we looped back and down to another split where all elected to take the Rambo trail down through the bush until we re-joined the walkers trail. The rains had eased and whilst the pack amused themselves on the Rambo get fit installations Grandad sneaked off and disappeared into the distance.

And so it was having sprinted home the last kilometre we found our FRB of the day congratulating the hare, that's right it was Grandad, scarlet from his efforts basking in glory after completing the trail in one hour 5 minutes.

Well done Scooter Babe on laying a great trail in pouring rain twice.

The sun came out for the circle and Rubber Balls arrived to join us. Beer was plentiful, the hare was punished for the rain, Grandad for his efforts and for his imminent departure, the rest for many a true or false charge. As we all headed home we held our heads high knowing we had kept the Taipa Macau HHH alive for another week.