Hash 465 : 19.4.08 : Any old iron... : Miramar, Westin Beach

Hares: Colonic irritation & Shithouse           Scribe: Nasiturd

It was a fine sunny day as I picked up ice, the phone sounded, our Grand Mattress was stuck in traffic, could I pick up 008, ok I said and thought to myself, traffic jam in Macau? Are they all coming to the Hash? Will there be enough beer?

Arriving at Hac Sa beach next to the Westin resort there was indeed a large mob of hashers who appeared happy at their efforts of burying a car on the beach.....

The GM delayed the start until the hash and a tow truck eventually got the vehicle (now more scrap iron) off the beach.

The hares Colonic Irritation and Shit House had arrived back and suggested we set off before the sun when down and so it was that the pack of around 20 headed out at 4.30pm.

We were already well strung out as we jogged up the hill to the first W / R split. Best go with the walkers I thought as the runners had disappeared down to the port.

A check point saw 008 followed by Scooter Babe head off up the rocks into a dead end valley, so strong was their calling that the pack was lured into the hare’s trap of a long check back through the scrub.

Heading on along the road Virgin Louise who was pushing John Paul enquired if the trail was OK for prams, fine I said, (there are a few steps though I mumbled to myself).

There after I headed off in pursuit of the FRB runners so it is mostly hearsay when I say it was hash group effort the get the pram up past the dam and up the steps to the hill top, Roger and Out supposedly left holding the baby.

I continued my pursuit around the dam with detours up and down, ignoring the second walkers split (well it was up those steps to hell) carried on around to the north (Cotai) side of the hill. As I headed into the bush Tittiana came running back towards me, “looking for me” I beamed, “no” came the brisk reply “I’m looking for trail” as she headed down the hill towards the youth hostel.

Not being one to loose height I headed on and was soon shouting “on on”.

Taking the crow’s route I arrived out of the bush just ahead of Lost in Space who claimed to be on true trail, together we crossed main roads and headed up into the hills above Hac Sa, down again to the Hac Sa dam where Bolton Bollocks was spotted, a long chat on how Bolton (of Bolton Bollocks) were going to avoid relegation and we were safely back at the hash beer camp.

Nice to be hashing back on Coloane Island, great trail.

As you may have guessed Hash Scribe asked for a break this week due to the day job but I have no doubt he will add photos and we will know who the FRB’s were, I have heard St Peter is starring.

When all the hashers were counted in our new GM Betty called the circle to order and promptly introduced new hash rules (what rules?), hat’s can be worn in the circle and people are encouraged to point at each other? Enough said (what about fire in the circle I asked myself).

Down downs were plenty full, the hares suitable punished.

Lot’s of returnees, good to have Bolton Bollocks visiting and Lost in Space making a re-appearance in Macau. Nancy Boy and Fishy fingers have returned, Julian and company also making a rare appearance as well as Tittiana and Bush Pussy.

On On till next week where our Grand Mattress will be taking charge for the day and St Peter who is on a count down will be haring a trail out of Cheoc Van Beach along with Bush Pussy


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