Hash 470: 31.5.08 : A2A from Norman's, Hac Sa

Hare: Nancy Boy               Scribe: Nasiturd

With our scribe / flash / song master away below is my version of Hash 470.

As we pulled into the allotted parking slot near Norman’s I wondered if my mind was playing ticks, was that a hasher in a “Kilt”. To be sure it was along with 4 other visiting hashers. Not a big TMH3 turn out but we did outnumber them fortunately.

Roger and Out had received a call from Nancy Boy our hare, keep well clear of the wasps nest. Scooter Babe after being hospitalized last year from a hash wasp attack looked longingly at the car.

And so at precisely 4.14pm our GM Betty set the walkers out in search of flour. Nursing a non-Guinness hangover (why did I switch drinks so many times last night?) I set out walking.


At the first check the walkers turned right into dead end alley as I ambled along the road to come upon the close by second check. Having seen flour from the car I ambled on mentally preparing myself for the 1000 steps to heaven trail, but on step 20 discovered the check back (damn and blast I thought although relieved not to be going on).

(Didn't think you'd fall for the old 'obvious flour on the road' trick - Nancy Boy).

Jogging back towards the check visitor Opie ran past me towards the check back, he was going that fast I thought it won’t take him long to find the check back.

The pack regrouped and true trail took us around the hidden fish ponds with Captain Cocksucker leading the way. As he paused to carry Spit or Swallow over the mud (new shoes?) Opie again charged past but missed the left turn. A scramble through the bush back up to the road (with a detour away from the wasp nest) followed.

At this check I headed right (well I had seen flour from driving to the hash) and sent fast running Opie left to try and burn him out. Arriving at the steps down to the Hac Sa BBQ I charged ahead only to be overtaken swiftly by our visitors Scheisse and Maceturbator along with Opie and Comes with Cockney. Where was visitor Moibi at this stage?

I confidently headed off flour towards the Westin resort only to find myself alone. Back tracking I found our cunning hare had doubled back through the gardens and so it was I found myself now at the back of the pack.

The trail headed up past the dam then cut back through the bush up to the right where I found myself well placed again due to an intelligent short cut.

On up we headed till we came to the first W / R split, Colonic Irritation and Kilt man – Maceturbator headed straight on. With my head pounding it was a no brainer decision for me, looping west on the “W” trail. Trail then headed off right up the hillside, again survival instincts took over and I left flour and the pack for a short spell. I arrived ahead of the FRBS close to the Rambo / Wimps split, on up to our lovely A Ma Statue I thought, not for me today as I headed directly to 9 way corner where I rested.


Sometime later (where had the FRBS got to?) Scooter Babe arrived. 'Where have you been?' I asked. 'Picking flowers and herbs with Roger and Out and Maid in Macau', came the reply. We then headed down the steps (was that Phantom flasher we passed?) and on home fortunately on true trail.

The hare Nancy Boy was there to greet us. 'Where did you send the FRB's?' I asked. With a smile he related the two super long check backs he had prepared.


The pack arrived back all within a 15 minute period, always a sign of a well planned trail, good one Nancy Boy, our GM was heard to say “All that new virgin trail wow great”, not quite so but I guess if you missed Nancy Boy’s runs in the past it was new to you.

The GM called for the circle, the hare was paraded in front of the pack and was duly punished with many a DD.


Our visitors were called out, seems that were all ex-Guangzhou hashers now spread out but visiting Scheisse and Moibi who have been here some years but never got around to hashing the Macau hash. Hope you enjoyed the hash and return.

Maceturbator from Texas explained he had Scottish blood somewhere in his past but that in any case Baghdad visitors wear kilts.

DD's were numerous, Spit or Shallow received a tea bagged drink out of her new shoes, visitors Comes with Cockney and Moibi tried to get the singing going, a hard call as our regular singers wee on leave.


Some time later social drinking was called.

And so it was…

On On