Hash 485 : 22.8.08 : T8 Hash no. 9 : Irish Bar

Hare: Cunter Ass Thompson           Scribe: Pisstiferous

The Start

The GM is back & we have photos to prove it! Also great to have Grandad back!

Long Drop & our Lovely Hasher Grace showed up with helmets looking like they were ready to be fired out of a cannon. Second run for our LHGrace who says she’ll try anything once, twice if she likes it. Our kind of girl!!

RA couldn’t decide whether to wear his favorite hash hat or a helmet so came sporting both. Those of us with bicycle helmets could only stare in envy. GM was still wearing one of Betty’s Boobs scarves around his head because of a bad haircut. The Captain should have received a gold medal for the most bizarre outfit with silver helmet, blue tinted swimming goggles, red shoes. Good thing we didn’t get to see what he was wearing for underwear. Probably inspired by a recent Circ Du Solei performance or maybe just returned from an audition with them. And Cunterass shows up all decked out in the latest Angeles City Hash gear with a silly grin that tells us all we need to know about his visit to Angeles last weekend. A great T8 turnout as you would expect and well practiced, now that T8s are becoming a regular occurrence.

Cunterass set a great trail as usual but, now getting old and tired, he needed to lighten his backpack by tossing his phone off the bridge on the run from Macau to the Irish Bar start. A great racing strategy probably inspired by reports that the Olympic runners are going without phones and a great way to avoid being distracted by calls while attending to the serious work of setting a run!

The Run

First came the photo session, then Hare C’ass set off, slowing his start only to dump flour on everyone lined up for the photos, 5 minutes later followed by the flower pickers and then the runners.

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Across the street we ran, thru a half dozen well laid checks past the Jockey Club, thru the tunnel and out the other side where the front runners could almost hear the crafty hare laughing and flying up the hill. The ever helpful Mac1i assured everyone that up was not the way, a dead end since he had been reckying up there the day before for the MMH3. Never listen to a guy with only one eye, uphill the flour went, with the pack cursing and swearing their way thru sharp brambles and someone in the middle continually yelling at his colleagues in front to speed up while accusing them of having sex with their mothers.

Down thru more brambles, along the road, across the road, down the road, across the road, up the road, thru checks and then a sharp left & down the slippery slope where the arrow was cleverly hidden behind a parked car, then thru the ON HOME and back to A. Lovely Hasher Grace and the Hasher known as Miserable Bastard decided to invent their own long trail rather than take the slippery slope for a bit more of a workout and arrived some time later after cleverly giving the beer more time to cool.

The Reward

Glenfiddich kindly laid on a round of beer from the Irish Bar, then promptly f***ed off. Circle was the usual rowdy affair, beer must have been good because this scribe can recall only a bit of it. Our Lovely Scooter Babe, still dressed like a tourist from Vancouver, received her complimentary beverage for being spotted by the GM on the flight from Taipei, upgraded to first class and proudly sipping champagne after she cleverly managed to break her economy seat. Now we know why airlines don’t allow tools in hand carry. The GM, however had no yet figured out that little trick and enjoyed a down-down as compensation. RA called in many, telling great tales of their misadventures that none of the victims seemed to recall, but they all looked pretty guilty. Down-downs for the first time T8 runners and a DD for Beer Queer who resurfaced after allegedly having disappeared for 4 years.

A naming ceremony for the hasher formerly known as Miserable Bastard. Took so long to find a name the poor bastard had to stand up for a while to get some circulation back in his legs. Finally named Holdem Oldham and now a welcome regular to TMH3 and MMH3.

Well before the beer was ready to run out, everyone was planning for the anticipated T9 and T10 signals being hoisted so we could really make Hash History, the only problem was where to buy more beer but that can never be a problem in the experienced & capable hands of RA who had command of the beer van. Reports came in that our normal (normal??) beer jockey was last spotted heading for Wales wearing new shoes that he swore would never be seen on the Hash.

Some retired to the Irish, the Lovely Hasher Grace rushed home to contemplate which matching outfits she would choose for the imminent T9 & T10s, others home to shower and glare at the telly waiting for the big announcement of T9……..which never came.

On On!