TMH3 Hashtory

Hashtory of the Taipa Macau Hash House Harriers

Kuala Lampur Hash
(aka The Motherhash)

founded - December 1938
Father - Albert S.I. 'G' Gispert
Midwives - Ronald 'Torch' Bennett
                  Cecil Lee
                  Frederick 'Horse' Thompson
                  Eric Galvin
                  H.M. Doig
                  Morris Edgar
                  John Barett

Singapore Hash
founded - 19 FEB 1962
Father - Ian Cumming
Midwives - Geoff Jones
                  David Sayer
                  Mike Miall
                  Tommy Voice
                  Chris Verity
                  Harry Howell
                  Doug Smith

Taipei Hash
founded - 4 FEB 1973
Father - Don 'Organ' Hammond
Midwives - Mike McFarland
                  Bob 'Jolly Good' Jaques
              Zek 'Slobbo' Hoffman

China Hash
(aka China Taipei Hash)

founded - 13 MAR 1973
Father - ?

Free China Hash
founded - 28 FEB 1995
Father - Ian 'Grandma Masterbator' Roper
Midwife - Keith 'Acorn' Noyes

Taipa Macau Hash
founded - 30 JUN 1998
Father - Rob 'Captain' Kirby

(TMH3 children)

Macau Men's Hash
founded - 17 MAR 2008
hibernated - 30 MAR 2009 (after 18 hashes)
Father - Carey 'Sheik Mimi' Archer

Majority of Information shamelessly borrowed from the official Hash Record found in the awesome and penultimate Hash Genealogy Project created by Tumbling Bill, check it out here!

Hash Logos stolen...errr...borrowed from our parent sites (Thanks Dad! Can I have the car keys for the Hash?)